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Swap Shop or Tiswas?

Does your choice of Saturday morning TV shape your future life? In Swap Shop or Tiswas? we look at how the BBC and ITV targeted their young audiences. Did you side with Noel Edmonds and Maggie Philbin or did you prefer Chris Tarrant and the lovely Sally James? And why did groups of office workers from Dudley volunteer to be locked in a cage to be “flanned” by the Phantom Flan Flinger and have buckets of water thrown over them by Chris Tarrant?

In this episode of My 70’s TV Childhood, we also look back to Magpie with those trendy long haired blokes Mick Robertson and Tommy BoydSusan Stranks and Jenny Handley. How did their cool, rock star chic compare to the more homely, down to earth ValLesleyJohn and Peter over on Blue Peter? Could you even watch both?

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    1. Oliver

      Oh dear – and I thought he was such a nice lad!

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