And Now, From Norwich, It’s The Quiz Of The Week!

In this episode of the podcast celebrating growing up as a child in the UK during the 1970's we look back at gameshows. From the ultimate professional that was Bob Monkhouse in The Golden Shot and Celebrity Squares to the unlikely Nicholas Parsons in  Sale of the Century we remember the unique British versions of US gameshows. Taking in The Sky's the Limit, Top of the Form and Screen Test amongst others join us in a journey back to a time where big money prizes didn't exist and the best you could hope for as a prize was £20 and a carriage clock on Mr & Mrs.

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Words & Pictures

Photo: Padgate C of E Primary School - Mrs Dutton's class of 1972In our latest trip back to Britain in the 1970's we remember the excitement and anticipation of television programmes aimed at schools. In the days before video recording, the logistics of getting the school tv to the right classroom, attaching the aerial and keeping your fingers crossed that the teacher could get it to work was a serious matter.Our host Oliver remembers Sam on Boffs' Island, part of Words & Pictures, featuring the young Tony Robinson in pre-Baldrick days. We also look at groundbreaking…

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Animal Magic!

Photo by Sid Balachandran on Unsplash Welcome back to the podcast that celebrates growing up in Britain during the 1970's and the central role that TV had in our lives. In this episode, we look at how animals played a part in our lives and on the TV screen. Our host Oliver remembers a host of childhood pets including Flopsy the Rabbit, Henrietta the Hen (obviously), several goldfish and a host of cats. We also recall some of our listeners thoughts on Follyfoot, Black Beauty, White Horses, Belle and Sebastian and Tales from the Riverbank. All this leads inexorably to Johnny…

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