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Thanks for visiting our website. If you haven't had chance to listen to our podcast, you can do so either by using the embedded player on this site or by visiting iTunes, Spotify, your normal podcast provider or our host, Buzzsprout at my70stvchildhood.buzzsprout.com I was inspired to start the podcast by endless conversations with friends of mine of a similar vintage who grew up in Britain during the 1970's. It's popular to have a pop at the decade "that taste forgot" and, with hindsight, dressing us all up in various shades of…

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The Six Million Dollar Man

It's our first episode in Season 4 of the podcast dedicated to celebrating life as a child in 1970's Britain and the central part that television played in our lives then.Our host Oliver shares his memories of learning what a threepenny bit equated to in terms of sweets and how decimalisation in 1971 brought us "New Pence" and his Granny's ready reckoner. He also admits to being one of the lost generation who were taught metric at school when the whole country used Imperial measures and, as a result can't tell his kilos from…

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Christmas Specials

Welcome to the Christmas Special edition of the podcast which celebrates growing up as a child in 1970's Britain and the special place TV had in our lives. We're looking at 70's Christmas Specials and the magic they brought to our homes.From the Blue Peter Appeal to All Star Record Breakers via Crackerjack! we look back at kids TV specials before considering gameshows like Christmas Mr & Mrs and The Sale of the Century, which were obviously recorded in July. We also go back to think of the nation united in front of The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show when we learned that newsreaders…

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Norman Stanley Fletcher – Porridge and Going Straight

Welcome back to the podcast which is a safe space for those wanting to reminisce about growing up as a child in 1970's Britain and the central part that television played in our lives then.In this episode we return to the work of Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais as they chronicle the life and times of Norman Stanley Fletcher in prison based sitcom Porridge and its less well remembered sequel Going Straight. We remember the chemistry between Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale, the fearsome Mr McKay and the benevolent Mr Barraclough and the host of great supporting characters like Grouty and Blanco. We also remember the government's campaign to…

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