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Thanks for visiting our website. If you haven't had chance to listen to our podcast, you can do so either by using the embedded player on this site or by visiting iTunes, Spotify, your normal podcast provider or our host, Buzzsprout at my70stvchildhood.buzzsprout.com I was inspired to start the podcast by endless conversations with friends of mine of a similar vintage who grew up in Britain during the 1970's. It's popular to have a pop at the decade "that taste forgot" and, with hindsight, dressing us all up in various shades of…

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Achtung! Colditz and Secret Army

In this episode of the podcast remembering what it was like to grow up as a child in 1970's Britain and how TV shaped our lives, we look at how the Second World War was portrayed in popular culture. Our host Oliver recalls Commando comics, Battle and Action comics, and how far away the War seemed as a child. We look at two 70's shows which started to change the way we looked at the War. Colditz brought us great scripts, a strong cast including David McCallum and Anthony Valentine and how it inspired a board game, a special Action Man set and even a…

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Out of Africa: Tarzan and Daktari

In this episode of the podcast which remembers what it was like to grow up as a child in 1970's Britain and the central role which television played in our lives, we look at Africa. and what we did, or more accurately didn't, know about that great continent. The various versions of Tarzan gave us non-stop adventure, even if the cartoon version did go a bit far including jungle Vikings, Abominable Snowpeople and even aliens in flying saucers. We also share fond memories of Daktari, the all round decent animal doctor with Clarence the Cross…

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