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Thanks for visiting our website. If you haven't had chance to listen to our podcast, you can do so either by using the embedded player on this site or by visiting iTunes, Spotify, your normal podcast provider or our host, Buzzsprout at my70stvchildhood.buzzsprout.com I was inspired to start the podcast by endless conversations with friends of mine of a similar vintage who grew up in Britain during the 1970's. It's popular to have a pop at the decade "that taste forgot" and, with hindsight, dressing us all up in various shades of…

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Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley

Welcome back to the podcast where it’s OK to bang on about what it was like to grow up as a child in 1970’s Britain and where television was at the heart of our childhoods. In this episode we consider Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley, aka The Trumpton Trilogy. These three shows hold a special place in many people's hearts and we try and work out why. From the musical box in the opening credits of Camberwick Green, to the brilliant musical score, not forgetting the narration of the legendary Brian Cant, every part of these programmes…

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A 70’s View of Australia: Skippy, Rolf and The Young Doctors

Welcome back to the podcast which celebrates growing up as a child in Britain during the 1970's and the central role that TV played in our lives back then. In this episode we remember how we viewed Australia before Crocodile Dundee, Neighbours and Home and Away made it so glamorous and desirable and before it became the place to go on your gap year. In the 1970's it seemed like a far away place which was a bit like the UK but not quite the same. We remember Aussies on TV like Rolf Harris and Dame Edna Everage, share happy memories…

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Soap Suds: Coronation Street and Crossroads

In this episode we remember soaps in the 70's and in particular Coronation Street and Crossroads. How true to life were Ena Sharples and Hilda Ogden and why has Gail not had much luck with men? We look back at Scouse binman Eddie Yates and marvel at how Rita ran a newsagents by day and was a nightclub singer by night. We're also going back to the flimsy walls and fluffed lines of Crossroads. Meg Richardson was really quite scary and did Paul Henry ever find much work after spending years playing Benny Hawkins?

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